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White Book

A group of friends, a family and a discord. Vanir is more than esport, it's a mutual aid, a will to bring support to the young people by roposing professional and out of the ordinary coachings with qualified and funny competent people. There is not a leader above the others, it is the support and the union of 9 diametrically opposed people who create the realization of the project. A marketing team that will make you dream by bringing you into an innovative and unique universe. Our company culture advocates ethical values and social diversity so that everyone is accepted within a growing project. This company with participative management allows to transmit values of cooperation, innovation and a common passion.
As Djamel says "It is his greatest pride to work within this family and to have been the precursor of the project".

So what are you waiting for to join us?


A young and dynamic team, from the animal caretaker, the lawyer to the liberal nurse. All united by a passion for video games and entertainment. Regular gamers and very clear on our ambitions, it took some time for the project to take shape, however it is now optimal to launch thanks to the added value of a crypto currency that can be a very profitable investment for anyone who will have observed through these few lines, the potential to participate in a movement so impactful!

During this description, you will see that transparency is at the heart of our project, which, beyond making profits, has the main goal, to advance the eSport at the international level and improve the behaviors.

In the age of crypto-currencies, our company will use all the technological and digital means such as blockchain, to bring a significant change to the world of eSports.
We will use the new means to promote our idea:


Creation and management of a cryptocurrency (VanirCoin) Which is also called "Vani" when added to a sum (ex:1000 Vani) is a digital token based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which is currently one of the best on the market, both in terms of security but also in terms of ease of use and speed of exchange. With a billion tokens, the company will apply impeccable management, sometimes subject to choices that will be made by the owners but also by the general public who will be consulted during important choices.
An amount that is meant to be round, but which has not been chosen at random.
Indeed it corresponds to our ambitions on the plan of a hundred year forecast.

  • Organization of tournaments and coaching offering for rewards Vani.
  • It will be used to offer cash-prizes from 1 million to 10 million Vani during the annual tournaments organized by the company in about ten different games.
  • It will allow us to offer regular rewards to the players and coaches of our teams, allowing them to concentrate on their activities which, as volunteers, will not earn them a salary.
  • We also have the ambition to support other teams than the company's.

Investment, and ecological impact

  • A part of the company will be put up for sale in order to allow investors to join us. The funds raised will be used to pay for essential positions that cannot be provided by volunteers or to allow our professionals to equip themselves when our sponsors are unable to subsidize.
  • We do not neglect the fact that cryptocurrencies are very energy consuming. It is therefore important for us to invest in ecological players in line with the footprint we will leave on our world.
  • Training to learn to understand the implicit points (fairplay etc ...), team play and different means of communication.
  • A school to accompany the youngest who do not necessarily wish to participate in tournaments but for whom knowing the rules of manners could be a real plus. There is currently no structure to explain to our young people what are the causes and consequences of different ban, kick, mute.

Indeed, we are currently observing behaviors that follow each other, sometimes simply because of a lack of understanding of the different rules and measures.

  • Any parent, not necessarily familiar with the new modes of gaming or simply not having the material time to accompany their children during these phases of games could have a good follow-up if he was registered in one of our training sessions.
  • And structures (digital at first) allow us to teach the youngest (but also the oldest) to use their computers in a reasoned and educated way in order to find behind our screens, atmospheres similar to the one we live when we are in the same room.

Plan and development

We will start by organizing tournaments in several different games (nicknamed the VAT for Vanir Accelerated Tournament) which will allow us to start to get known and to accumulate a maximum of feedback. We will also start coaching in the games where our members can offer a free follow-up service and even reward the students at the end of the course for the most assiduous of them.

First quarter

Following the realization of our website and the creation of our various online supports, we will put on sale a part of our crypto corresponding to ¼ of the total amount.

Second quarter

Another quarter will be kept for the remuneration of the team members who will be able to count among their ranks, up to 100 people.
Each member of the team will receive the equivalent of 21k per year for the realization of its missions

Third quarter

¼ to offer cash prizes counting in millions of vani which will have several effects:

  • to make these tournaments attractive competitions.
  • to make the winners happy to have participated
  • to make the winners want to keep a part of the prize money to increase their winnings

Remaining quarter

it will be divided into several categories

Training & Coaching

100 M in order to reward the assiduity and the most deserving of our school coaching service

Burn & Drop

burns of tokens to boost the activity in slow periods and drops to increase our meetings with the public.

Testing & management

1M is backed up in order to set up everything and to secure a maximum of transactions.

The VAT rewards are for example taken care of by this budget.

The entire Vanir project team would like to thank you for the time you have spent taking an interest in us and our ideas, we believe that these ideas have already been shared by many of you so that today you have the opportunity to participate in something that is just like you. We are looking forward to your feedback and you can use this link to send it to us. https://forms.gle/4E2hKWwYH7JngG2H8

Since the beginning of the creation of our project we thought that anyone who brings interest to our project deserves a part of it so I invite you now to use this link to subscribe to our newsletter and potentially receive a vani in our next waves of awards. https://forms.gle/GAt5zwbURNGkvejK6