p r oje c t



Ideas and development of the same


  • Gathering of the team
  • Start of weekly meetings
  • Creation of the crypto currency
  • Organization of test tournaments
  • First coaching course
  • Structuring of the first eSport teams


  • Expansion of the team
  • Creation of the website
  • Officialization of the crypto currency
  • Sale of a share of the token
  • Use of secured funds for liquidity pools
  • and form several suitable legal structures


Organization of international tournaments offering millions of vani per year Listing Binance Participation in international tournaments with our eSport team


Creation of schools to develop our culture allowing gamers to learn fair play, life skills and some courses to save their health to safeguard their health, to take care of them and insert them in a movement worthy of a professional gaming.


Extend our actions to finance other teams outside our structure Fund companies that are working to rebalance our impact on the on the environment such as renewable energy development, tree replanting etc.


Continue to expand our list of partners. Create new structures to help undeveloped countries to have access to computer resources and the world

2100 - 2120

We hope that our project will have been so impactful that, even on our end, the Vanir cryptocurrency, which will have made its mark in time, will continue to increase in value for investors and collectors alike.

We will organize our last tournaments to spend the remaining budget allocated to the cashprize

We will prepare our community to let them know that our task will be accomplished and hope that some of the investors who managed to make a profit from our project will have the ambition to take up the torch and recreate a new structure that will