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A group of friends a family a discord.
Vanir is more than eSport, it is a mutual aid, a will to bring a support to the young and not so young, by proposing professional and out of the ordinary coachings with qualified and amusing competent people. There is not a leader above the others, it is the support and the union of 9 diametrically opposed people who create the realization of the project.
A marketing team that will make you dream by bringing you into an innovative and unique universe.
Our company culture advocates ethical values and social diversity so that everyone is accepted within a growing project. This company with a participative management allows to transmit values of cooperation, innovation and a common passion.
As D. says today "It is his greatest pride to work within this family and to have been the precursor of the project".

So what are you waiting for to join us?

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Vanir Coin

In order to keep the structure alive we have decided to concentrate the rewards of our tournaments towards a crypto-currency created especially for the project; the vani.

This crypto-currency will be used primarily as a reward for the tournaments but also to reward the staff members as well as all the people who will work actively within the structure such as coaches who will offer students free of charge to improve on games they are specialized in, moderators, graphic designers, editors as well as staff members.

The vani will also be sold in exchanges like pancakeswap or binance (once listed) so that everyone can have them without having to win tournaments, but they will be limited in sale. The vani will also be used in the future to fund partnerships and larger scale events that are normally expensive.

Crypto-currencies being very polluting we also want to lead ecological actions to reduce the impact of our actions.

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